Property Investor and Real Estate Manager

    Make your Money Grow


    Buy, sell and rent property in selected parts of Spain, UK and Germany with a network of experts.


    We offer investors access to guaranteed high rates of return whilst their capital is safely protected.


    We provide a guaranteed return on invest of min. 10% after 8-12 month.


    The minimum amount to invest is 25 000 USD/CHF/EUR.


    We are offering a guaranteed rate of 10% per annum. Any investment is used as part of the package of funding for property purchase and renovation, before recycling the money at the end of each project, when we sell or refinance with a standard mortgage. We are looking to invest your money for a period of 12 months. After that you can either re-invest the money or take it out completely. We have a clearly defined use of the funds. We have a robust and secure exit and repayment strategy. We have an established track record and strong team of experts.


    We also buy property for you, refurbish it and renting it out for you.


    We also do short term or tourist rental with all the marketing and guest relationship management. The properties Nikki has been marketing and managing won international awards and are best sellers in their area. The net yield we have been achieved with renting out to tourists is 13 – 25% per annum.


    What we offer

    Through partnering with us, we can offer above average returns on investment in several property markets.


    We buy quality properties with significant gains built into the negotiated purchase price. We refurbish them and turn them into commercials or individual homes. We either sell at a profit or rent them out to professionals or students for a strong guaranteed monthly cash flow.


    What makes us different

    We are experts in the field, having owned, rent out and sold several profitable properties already. We do not

    speculate. We carefully choose profitable deals and are backed by a team of experts in the property business, including solicitors, builders and letting agents.


    Our Mission

    We are committed to achieve financial freedom for our investors by delivering superior investment services and maximum profitable results while maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior.

    We are passionate about our business, supported by a highly performing and motivated team who look after our properties.


    Journey to financial freedom

    Our clients are smart investors who make their money grow.

    They are aiming of leaving a legacy to their loved ones, to their kids, to join our property investment ventures.

    Nikki is also active as cryptocurrency investor/coach and passive income builder with other products and services. More Infos upon request.