Jewelry and Fashion Designer, Model

    Nikki de Ibiza, founded by Nikki end of 2016, is an exclusive brand that works with producers on Ibiza and Italy. The special designs are made by Nikki and her selected designers.


    Premium jewelry and fashion created by Nikki de Ibiza is made with love, inspiration and natural material from the white island combined with beautiful Italian craftmanship.


    The exclusive high quality jewelry collection made from sea shells, stones, wood, bead, pearls  leather, aluminium is treated with different handcrafted techniques and coated with silky satin, bronze, silver and gold.


    The glamouros fashion line elaborates finest leather, soft silk, smooth satin, cuddly eslastane and coszy cotton.


    The unique pieces reflects the inspirational spirit, true love, amazing nature and limitless energy of the magic Island highly valued by celebrities and cosmopolitans.


    Distribution has been so far exclusively via direct sales and on selected jeweler and premium fasshion boutiques in Zurich and on Ibiza.