Founder and CEO Health & Beauty Lounge Franchise

    Nikki set up the Health & Beauty Lounge as franchise system. Her vision is to support millions of people with a holistic SMART-Aging approach to stay healthy, fit and beautiful – now and in the future.


    She is now coaching and treating Hollywood stars, celebrities and professional athletes around the world.


    Nikki developed an innovative and holistic concept with her network of Swiss and international physicians and specialist for health, beauty and fitness that is worldwide unique.


    The concept is based on latest scientific knowledge, effective methods, innovative medical devices and products well tested. It is regularly adapted to the latest scientific studies, effective products, insights and trends.


    ‚We believe that real beauty needs to come from inside to let you shine on the outside‘ says Nikki. Therefore our holistic SMART-Aging approach is integrated and covers nutrition, recipes, supplements as well as physical fitness and mental health.We mostly use non-invasive, medically effective methods to stimulate the body’s processes and to achieve the best aesthetic results for you.


    The Health & Beauty Lounge offers pain-free, cell-friendly measures that are very effective. The experts work with medical devices with FDA approval and CE certification.


    Upon request, the team recommend specialists in plastic surgery, hypnosis, homeopathy, physiotherapy or other specialists for your individual needs.


    ‚We believe that today and particularly in the future the best results for YOU will be achieved by an international, interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists at integrated local health and beauty centers‘, says Nikki.


    Nikki will continue to expand her network of doctors, beauty clinics and natural health practitioners, nutritionists, anti-aging specialists, fitness experts, physiotherapists focusing Switzerland, Ibiza, London and L.A.

    Nikki is looking for franchisees on Zurich, Ibiza, London and L.A. Other cities are welcome in addition.


    The first Health & Beauty Lounge outlet in Zurich has been highly successful right from the start. On Ibiza mobile beauty services are in progress on yachts, in villas and in hotels. More information upon request.

    Health & Beauty Lounge Franchise
    Christie Brinkley & Nicola Hollender in Los Angeles
    Nicola Hollender Founder and CEO Health & Beauty Lounge Franchise
    Health & Beauty Lounge Franchise